Believe it or not: Dancing Presbyterians, Islamic Welshmen and good news from New York. . .

Ghanaian Presbyterians Ghana has a Presbyterian church of up to a million people thanks to the work done by some Moravian missionaries in the 1820s. Since then they have made a great contribution to the life of the nation and now they are planting churches in Australia and in other parts of the world. Apparently Ghanaians like to travel.

What I really like is Ghanaian Presbyterians like to dance in church! Please don't tell the other Presbyterians.

Meanwhile in the Welsh town of Cardiff, every Friday thousands of Welsh Muslims attend prayers across the port city, some in old sandstone Protestant churches that have been converted into mosques in recent years. There are now 30 mosques throughout Wales.

In 1904 the Welsh revival shook the world. Today Welsh church attendance is now as low as 7%.

Across the channel in Europe, Islam is now considered the fastest growing religion as Christianity continues to decline.

An estimated 5.5 million Muslims now live in France out of a population of 63 million. Germany has an estimated three million Muslims. For more: Bridging the Gap.

Tim Keller-Timemag Meanwhile in New York, Time Magazine reports on Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. There's hope for New York and if you can plant churches in New York you can plant them in secular Europe and that's exactly what Tim Keller and Redeemer are doing.