Where it all began. . .

Hope Chapel '71 Ralph Moore was 25 years old when he planted the first Hope Chapel in Manhattan Beach, California. It was 1972. He had no guaranteed income, a car with 154,000 miles on the clock, a wife and infant son. He had short hair and wore a three piece suit at a time where everyone else had long hair and ragged clothes.

The church began with just enough people to fill a Volkswagen Beettle. Soon after it has grown to twenty including several bikers, a marine corporal, a newborn baby and a topless dancer. By the time they had 125 people, this new church hds planted its first daughter church.

Since then Ralph has seen over 700 churches, small and large, started in North America, and the Asia-Pacific region including Australia.

In 1983 Ralph moved to Hawaii to plant a church. The new church began under a tree at a beach park. By 2000 Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay had grown to 1,600 people and planted 60 churches.

Let Go Of The Ring Let Go of The Ring: The Hope Chapel Story 4th ed by Ralph Moore

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