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Two more outstanding resources from Leadership Network: Going Glocal: Externally Focused Churches Engage in both Global and Local Missions By Krista Petty

Have you heard the new buzz word in missions? Glocal: it's the combination of local and global missions into one. While the word glocalization has been around in business vernacular since the 1990s, churches are now adopting the term as well as the concept that what they do across the street and around can works together to grow the Kingdom of God.

Creating Strategic Alliances and Partnerships for Planting New Churches; Issues Involved in Sharing Information and Resources Toward Greater Evangelism By Sherri Brown

In Major cities across America, alliances and partnerships are being formed between churches to achieve the goal of evangelism. These partnerships can be as simple as two pastors working together in one community or a group of churches working together to transform a city. This paper addresses the reasons churches are forming, how they do it, and some of the advantages and challenges they have found.

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