What is God up to when the wheels fall off the wagon of your life and ministry? You find yourself asking these questions: Will I ever do ministry again? Will I ever make a significant contribution to the Kingdom of God? Will I always be alone and filled with this much pain? Will I ever be in a job that is fulfilling? Why aren't you answering me God? Will I ever hear your voice again?

It's David in Psalm 42. It's Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. It's Paul in second Corinthians. It's many of the great founders of movements that make history.

Years ago Bobby Clinton passed on an article by Shelley Trebesch, one of his students, on what Bobby calls Deep Processing.

I've lived off that article ever since. Now you pick it up in book form.

"Isolation--A Place of Transformation in the Life of a Leader" (Shelley G. Trebesch)

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