China eclipses America

Stuart Robinson

Thoughts from Stuart Robinson on the shifting roles of the US and China:

35,000 feet above the dusty plains of Pakistan, flying toward the 15 million people of Karachi, I studied yet another report on the re-positioning of nations in God's world.

After a mere half century, America is being replaced as the world's leading nation.

America used to be the world's biggest exporter, but is now surpassed by China. China produces more cars than America. General Motors was the world's largest auto company. This year Toyota has passed it. The American dollar is no longer the favoured form of cash. There are now more euros in circulation than dollars. Wall Street's capitalisation has been eclipsed by Europe. Saudi Aramco now boasts bigger revenues than the world's biggest listed company, Exxon Mobil. On purchasing power parity, China will be number one within 4 years. Its GDP will pass America's by 2027. On current trends China will win more gold medals at Beijing than America.

This century China will also have the world's most powerful Christian church. Its missionaries are already appearing in the toughest countries I visit.

Bring it on, Lord!

Stuart Robinson
Senior Pastor, Crossway