Growing church planters

Glenn Smith I'm blown away by the quality and potency of the research papers that Leadership Network are cranking out with persistent regularity. Did I also mention how well they are presented and the zero dollar price tag?

The latest offering is “Models for Raising Up Church Planters” by Glenn Smith, a veteran church planter and church multiplication strategist.

The paper examines case studies of ministries that are growing and equipping leaders for church multiplication. The great news is that there is a impressive diversity of working models out there to learn from.

There are “Boot camps” and “turbo training” for short intensive experiences. Longer term development through the Renovation Center. One year internships and apprenticeships or two-year residencies. Informal training where you “hang out for about six months” in a Paul-Timothy model of training. And of course, mixing and matching any of the above.

Some recurring themes—the importance of coaching-mentoring, hands on ministry experience, solid grounding in theology and missiology.

What comes through the loudest are the established leaders with an apostolic vision willing to invest in the next generation and launch them into the greatest learning experience of all—planting a new church.

Visit the Leadership Network downloads page to get your hands on a copy of this outstanding report: Models for Raising Up Church Planters.

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