Barney is back

If you've been following this blog long enough you'll remember "Barney" a missionary in an undisclosed Asian nation. His job is to mentor local workers who lead church planting movements.

Here's some email traffic between us:


How did the planting conference go?

Good to hear about your Dad, PTL!

Our work is going well. To be honest the most exciting thing that is happening is with a guy I am discipling at the moment. He is the guy I mentioned in our update who has joined with us to try and reach uni students.

Used to be a pastor, but gave that up and is working in a company now. Still feels called to the ministry but needed more life experience with people who worked regular jobs so decided he would work alongside people for a time.

He approached me about 2 months ago to ask if I could teach him about the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. Being a raving Pente how could I refuse!!

So we have been meeting on Sundays, studying this type of thing, praying etc and wow the Holy Spirit has met us (and particularly him) in every significant ways.

I love this type of ministry where the HS fills people up, and they encounter the HS in very real and tangible ways. It's great stuff.

Actually here's a little thing I've learnt over the years re CPM's. Most times where we have seen God do significant things is when people get baptized in the HS (Pente theological meaning on this topic).

We see more things happen through people who have encountered the Lord in this way than when they don't.

I know there are many examples where this is not a factor however my mates in more conservative missions also acknowledge that miracles and the work of the HS is an important factor when it comes to CPM's.

One of them even said that speaking in tongues was a regular occurrence for those who got saved and planted churches in the CPM that he facilitated while he was in Asia.

Bless you buddy


Hi Barney

Thanks for the update.

My dad pulled through and is all clear for the moment.

The planting conference in Sweden went well. I drew my biggest laugh when I told them, “You don't have to be Pentecostal or even Charismatic to fuel a church planting movement. You just have to be filled with the Holy Spirit.” I was serious. They all thought it was a great joke!

Had a great time at St Marys. They're in the early stages of fueling a CPM. I sat in on their 'refresh' conference for two days. I just sat an soaked it up.

I noticed the same dynamic you're talking about. They have a vision for CPMs but what drives it is not the goals and the systems but the reality of the Holy Spirit in their midst.

Had a meal with “Sam” a 46 yr old hairdresser, former drug user. He's a Greek Kiwi who wants to plant back in NZ one day. Been in the UK 30yrs. Got saved and filled with the HS. Now he cuts hair and ministers to his clients.

He's getting some training, but there is a dynamic at work that is propelling him into CP work.

Have you read Gordon Fee's book on the Spirit in Paul's writings? Fee is an AOG pastor with an international reputation as a NT scholar.

Great to hear it's going well.