7 leadership lessons

Clintons And AddisonsPhoto: Clintons and Addisons at the CRM World Conference 2006 The folks at Movement Planting University have done us a favour and summarized Bobby Clinton's lessons for leaders who want to finish well.

Here are the main points but make sure you read the whole thing. No-one knows leadership development like St Bobby Clinton.

  1. Lifetime perspective: effective leaders view Present Ministry in terms of a lifetime perspective.
  2. Learning posture: effective leaders maintain a learning posture throughout life.
  3. Spiritual authority: effective leaders value spiritual authority as a primary power base.
  4. Dynamic ministry philosophy: effective leaders who are productive over a lifetime have a dynamic ministry philosophy.
  5. Leadership selection and development: effective leaders view leadership selection and development as a priority function In their ministry.
  6. Relational empowerment: effective leaders see relational empowerment as both a means and a goal of ministry.
  7. Sense of destiny: effective leaders evince a growing awareness of their sense of destiny.

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