Korean invasion

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Only the United States sends out more cross-cultural missionaries than South Korea: 16,616 missionaries to 173 countries. By 2030 the Korean church wants that number to be 100,000.

The largest churches in the world are to found in a country that had hardly any Christians a century ago. The capital Seoul contains eleven of the world's twelve largest congregations.

The Yoido Full Gospel Church is the largest single church in the world. Its 800,000 members attend different services across dozens of campuses. Every year they add 10,000 members.

Unlike many other countries where Christianity was brought by missionaries, in Korea the church is not part of a colonial legacy. The colonial power here was Japan, and churches were involved very closely with the Korean independence

An older generation of Koreans recall when their GDP was the same as Congo. Korea today is considered a developed country with a standard of living equal to some European Union nations.

So next time you're tempted to think that the Western church is going to save the world, remember the Koreans are coming. By the way, so are the Chinese, and the Indians, the Brazilians and the Nigerians and the . . .

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