How we know God loves us

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For this reason we may believe that God's heart belongs to us.

He doesn't give us a friendly nod of goodwill from heaven but he suffers the fate of a refugee with us as an inhospitable manger receives him and the flight into Egypt stretches before him.

That is why in the temptation in the wilderness he suffers in his own heart what happens to man - to you and me - when we are promised every glory on earth--power influence prestige and all the world's riches—at the price of just a little disloyalty a small step “somewhat out of line” and a little twisting of the orders.

That is the extent to which God becomes man the extent to which he loves us and wills to experience unconditionally what it means to be human. Therefore we can believe in this love of his and be sure that he is completely for us.

Helmut Thielicke

“I Believe; The Christian's Creed” (Helmut Thielicke), 85.

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