Leaders who don't finish well

79160554 Abdf019532 M Here's Bobby Clinton's wisdom on the top five barriers to finishing well as a leader.

1. Finances—their use and abuse Leaders, particularly those who have power positions and make important decisions concerning finances, tend to use practices which may encourage incorrect handling of finances and eventually wrong use. A character trait of greed often is rooted deep and eventually will cause impropriety with regard to finances. Numerous leaders have fallen due to some issue related to money.

2. Power—its Abuse Leaders who are effective in ministry must use various power bases in order to accomplish their ministry. With power so available and being used almost daily, there is a tendency to abuse it. Leaders who rise to the top in a hierarchical system tend to assume privileges with their perceived status. Frequently, these privileges include abuse of power. And they usually have no counter balancing accountability.

3. Pride—which leads to downfall Pride (inappropriate and self-centered) can lead to a downfall of a leader. As a leader there is a dynamic tension that must be maintained. We must have a healthy respect for our selves, and yet we must recognize that we have nothing that was not given us by God and He is the one who really enables ministry.

4. Sex—illicit Relationships Illicit sexual relationships have been a major downfall both in the Bible and in western cultures. Joseph's classic integrity check with respect to sexual sin is the ideal model that should be in leaders minds.

5. Family—Critical Issues Problems between spouses or between parents and children or between siblings can destroy a leader's ministry. What is needed are Biblical values lived out with regard to husband-wife relationships, parent- children, and sibling relationships. Of growing importance in our day is the social base profiles for singles in ministry and for married couples.

6. Plateauing. Leaders who are competent tend to plateau. Their very strength becomes a weakness. They can continue to minister at a level without there being a reality or Spirit empowered renewing effect. Most leaders will plateau several times in their life times of development. Some of the five enhancement factors for a good finish will counteract this tendency (perspective, learning posture, mentor, disciplines). There again is a dynamic tension that must be maintained between leveling off for good reasons, (consolidating one's growth and/or reaching the level of potential for which God has made you) and plateauing because of sinfulness or loss of vision.

Bobby Clinton: Finishing Well

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