I believe!

Liam Peter Steve On Skype

Ok I'm an expert now.

Just came off a coaching appointment with Liam Glover from NCD Australia.

Liam in Queensland, Peter Botross and I in Melbourne. Skype video with the MacBook built in web cam worked wonders.

Peter is planting a church in Brunswick, inner urban Melbourne. I'm coaching him because he makes me look good. Liam was debriefing Peter's NCD report while I watched and learned.

So now I'm an expert on NxCD (“next”), the application of NCD to church planting. You've won me over Liam. I have prayed the prayer. I have walked down the aisle. I am converted.

If you're a church planter in year one, or a coach of one, get in touch with Liam about NxCD.

We've lined up Liam to come in a day before (Feb 27-28, 07) the next1000 summit in Sydney (Feb 28-Mar 2, 07) to train church planting coaches in NxCD. More about that when the next1000 website is launched. Any day now.

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