Skyping Liam

LiamHad a great Skype conversation with Liam Glover the other day. That's Liam without the hair and me in the tiny box. Skype video adds a lot to the relational dynamic of a call. I'm running the v2 beta on a MacBook.

Back to Liam. He's leading the pack in applying the NCD health paradigm to church planting: NxCD. Liam is a planter and an effective practitioner of what he preaches.

He's also passionate about church planting and NCD and does a good job of coaching planters. I think he's onto something.

Liam gets the church plants to do two NCD surveys in their first year and then coaches them around their minimum factor/s. They do the survey even if they only have half a dozen on their team. The proof is in the pudding and Liam is seeing some encouraging outcomes in his work with planters.

If you're a church planter and an early adopter (is that a tautology?), I'd be ordering a NxCD pack and trying it out. They've worked out a great deal on the cost to encourage church planting.

Hoping to partner with Liam and train some NxCD coaches early 2007 for the next1000 initiative.

Hope to have the next1000 website launched by November and with it a new ebook on how we're going to plant the next1000 Aussie churches. Stay tuned.

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