Get off that horse

Flogging Dead HorseCartoon source

When your horse dies it's a good idea to dismount. When you're in a hole it's time to stop digging. When the paradigm needs to change, you can't work your way to success. You need to change the rules of the game.

Ten years ago most analysts wrote off Apple. Today they all wish they'd held onto their Apple stocks.

According to Seth Godin it wasn't hard work that made the difference, it was changing the rules of the game.

Mac fans are crowing about Apple's current success--that they have a market cap 20% higher than Dell's. The lesson, other than the fact that pundits and the media are wrong a 11 times out of every 9 predictions, is that Apple didn't succeed by digging in, working all night and doing more of what they'd been doing. They succeeded because they willfully changed the game. And then changed it again.


Riding a dead horse? Shame on you. It's time to get off.