What am I learning?

Steve w Hay FeverIt's 2.30am. Took this photo with the MacBook web cam to show you how bad I feel and look. It's hay fever season in Melbourne. I can't sleep. Cup of tea with honey does the trick but now I'm wide awake.

I should be praying but instead I pick up my email. Why do a I choose email over the living God!

No lightening bolts strike me, just this email from “Barney”. He's a church planter dash movement leader in a land that frowns on such activities.

Here's the thread and my response:

Hi Steve

We have just got back from sharing the gospel with the restaurant staff. It was a good time, with 3 people praying to accept Jesus. One lady in particular was so excited, she couldn’t stop smiling.

Thanks for praying



Hey Barney

how come you get to have all the fun?

what are you learning?



What am I learning? Main thing at the moment is the power of a local person who can speak into the lives of people we are discipling. This is nothing new as we have always seen this, but again it has been highlighted to us that if we have an on-fire, gifted leader on board with the work then we will see good things happen.

How about you? What are you learning at the mo?

Bless ya!



Good question!

1. God's preoccupation with his glory and my character and faith. He's taken 18 years to prepare me for doors he is opening right now. It's been tough to wait so long and the journey has been hard at time but he's been making me as a man and it feels good. Just when I don't “need” the ministry to open up he does it. I feel like I'm staring my destiny in the face and it's fun.

Still have to play my part but it's God who gives the increase.

2. It's time to focus on what I do well and love and find people who can do what I can't do and do it well and love it.

3. God is a generous father. We've had some breakthroughs financially.

4. Life is relationships.

5. Work with people who are passionate. Don't try and change people who aren't.

6. I'm a sinner saved by grace but God is determined to remake me—grace and truth.

7. I love writing, ideas, hanging out with guys like you and sharing the learning both ways. I “see” movements that will reach the nations. I'm good at helping others see them too.

8. Fads and philosophies come and go but If we lose our love for the scriptures, the power of the Holy Spirit, the heart of the historic Christian faith, the “simple” gospel—we lose everything.

9. I love Michelle deeply.

10. I'm on a life long journey of discovering how much Christ loves me and it will cost me everything and it's worth it.

11. I think you've just helped me write my next blog post!

Praying for you. Learn the lessons, become a man of faith, hope and love. Multiply your life in Christ and ministry in others.

Off to the UK today to catch up with our couple in London.


PS You're a Pentecostal, how about some healing for my hay fever!

Steve Addison