Finding church planters

Istock 000000191328Small-1Leadership Network has done it again. Another top quality paper. This time on finding church planters. This paper reviews the best practices of strong church-planting churches as they discern those called to do church planting. They don’t offer Google-style speed, but they can definitely tell you when you are getting warm by using the following clues to identify the person called and gifted to plant a church.

You are getting “warmer” when . . .

  • You work with someone you know
  • You reference objective standards such as those developed by Charles Ridley
  • You use a behavioral interview approach
  • You work with people who pass the “hang-out” test
  • You find a prospective church planter through a mix of passion and divine “accidents”

Register for free and download the report here: Finding Church Planters by Josh Hunt

A request for Leadership Network: make your next research paper about best practice in growing future church planters. That's the difference between addition and multiplication.

HT: Keith Webb

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