What movement leaders must do

Another gem from Dave (Pizza of the Pharoahs) Zovak:

In Marcus Buckingham’s most recent book, The One Thing You Need to Know, he talks about management, leadership, and sustained, excellent, personal performance.

His “one thing” about leadership is:

Discover what is universal and capitalize on it. Specifically, of all the valid needs of followers, the most important one for a leader to attend to is the need for clarity.

In any movement full of entrepreneurially-spirited misfits, finding the ‘universals’ that apply to us all and giving us clarity for our collective pursuits is no small feat. Interestingly enough, ‘being right’ about every goal or directive isn’t as important as being clear. Goals and directions can always be changed, but confused and scattered followers are a lot harder to re-gather and refocus.

Dave, about time you started blogging! Same goes for you Alan Hirsch!

“The One Thing You Need to Know : ... About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success” (Marcus Buckingham)

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