10 Counter-Intuitive Principals of Development

200606301023 Jon Moore serves the people who are called to give. Here's what he's learning about matching money with mission.

1. The world is awash with money.

2. The size of the gift has as much to do with spiritual capacity as financial capacity.

3. There is more reward from going deep than going wide.

4. Donors need ministry more than ministry needs donors.

5. A gift is more important as a catalyst for another gift than for its actual value.

6. You can only gain interest from mass-marketing; to gain commitment you need a relationship.

7. The larger percentage of time that the donor talks, the more positive the donor will feel about you and your vision.

8. The only way to find out what the donor thinks of you is to ask him/her to do something. Talk is cheap; commitment is expensive – fortunately, it is also addictive!

9. A donor who writes you a check before you ask may have just told you no.

10. The most important trait for a development professional is hospitality.

Best book I've read on ministering to major donors:

"Mega Gifts" (Jerold Panas)