What Jesus Started awarded Outreach Resource of the Year

Forget the Oscars….

What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World was named the Outreach Resource of the Year in the Church Health category.

Todd Engstrom, executive pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church and director of church planting for the Austin Stone Institute in Austin, Texas, selected the resources for this category.

“When it comes to church health, the single greatest indicator is healthy, replicating disciples of Jesus,” said Engstrom. “Addison thoroughly establishes a framework for discipleship by analyzing the ministry methods of Jesus, the early disciples and Paul, while interweaving several real-life stories of multiplying disciples and churches.

What Jesus Started is an excellent, practical resource to help your church take significant steps toward becoming an effective movement of disciple-making disciples, which is what a healthy church is all about. The application of the ideas contained in this resource, empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, would do wonders for cultivating a vibrant community of Christ-followers!”

North Korea to release Australian missionary

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North Korea says it will release and deport a 75-year-old Australian missionary detained since last month for allegedly distributing religious materials.

John Short was arrested after leaving “Bible tracts’’ in a Buddhist temple in the capital Pyongyang during a tour, the North’s state-run KCNA news agency said.

They are also holding US citizen Kenneth Bae, described by a North Korean court as a militant Christian evangelist.

He was arrested in November 2012 and sentenced to 15 years’ hard labour on charges of seeking to topple the government.

YouTube training on disciple making movements

Our good friends at e3 partners have a YouTube channel dedicated to training in multiplying disciples and churches.

Some great practitioners share their insights.

Here’s Gary Stump on reaching the people in your world…


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Get your copy of the March-April issue of Mission Frontiers

Mission Frontiers is has become the leading magazine for great content on disciple-making and church planting movements.

This month’s issue is a must read……

The March-April issue of Mission Frontiers is now available online. In this issue we are looking at how God uses field workers to pioneer movements among unreached peoples around the world. God is using their expertise in the U.S. in pursuit of similar movements among unreached peoples. These leaders have coined the term 4X4 Movement Starts to describe a minimum goal for movements starts where 4 lineages of disciple-makers are developing 4 more generations of disciples. Read on to find out more. (Full Issue)

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Featured Articles

Introducing… 4X4 Movement Starts

Ministries aim to grow wide (a regular audience of many members), but not deep (many generations). Ministries urge: “come to our meeting,” “listen to our message,” “read our materials,” or “visit our site.” Ministries ask members to invite others rather than training them to reproduce. Ministries tend to overextend leaders while leaving disciples dependent and underdeveloped. Movements on the other hand, equip members to obey and teach what they receive, often with little interaction two or more generations away.  (full article)

No Longer “Business as usual”

As a family we have witnessed door to door for decades, using whatever model was favored by our current local church. They were always encouraged, and the people to whose homes we went seemed more responsive with someone from out of town. And as we shared the gospel, we joyfully experienced GOD! But after we, with others, helped add 1,200 people to one church, these people eventually wandered away because there was no structure for discipleship and leadership development to equip the fruit of these evangelistic outreaches for multiplication. Now, in the tools that God has given us, we have a reproducing entry strategy, a reproducing gospel which new believers share right away, reproducing discipleship, reproducing gatherings of new believers, and multiplication of leaders. (full article)

No Longer “Church as usual”

I started my ministry as a pastor in 1990 in the usual way of “attractional” church. The traditional idea of “doing church” was to develop a program on Sundays that would draw those who were far from God to hear the Gospel and connect with the Lord and His people. But after more than 20 years doing it this way, something seemed very ineffective to me with this approach. I’ve said for a long time, “I’m way too old to play church!” Furthermore, I realized that in my 22 years as a pastor I had encouraged, challenged, rebuked, motivated, inspired and even scolded Christians toward disciple-making. But I had never taught them how to make a disciple. it had never occurred to me that my first responsibility as a pastor in “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:11-13 ESV) was to teach them how to make disciples who were abet to make disciples. (2 Tim 2:2) (full article)

No Longer “Discipleship as usual”

By 2010, I had been discipling others for 30 years and risen to national level leadership with the Navigators. Then a speaker introduced me to the book, Movements that Change the World. I was more than curious. This launched me on a three-year study of what God is doing around the world. The final book on my reading list was T4T: A Discipleship Re-revolution by Steve Smith and Ying Kai. As I started reading a voice in my head said, “Humble yourself and do this.” By now I had read hundreds of books on discipleship methods, and I wasn’t about to blindly start doing new stuff. But the Holy Spirit persisted in speaking to me, and I determined to obey. Never have I seen God do so much so quickly, nor to such depth. (full article)

Growing U.S. Movements to the Lost and the Unreached

We started our house church in October 2012. We just called it “porch church” since we started by meeting on our porch. We started with eight folks but only have seven now. We’ve intentionally not added new members but seek to start new churches with new folks. As of December 2013, we have multiple streams to the 5th generation or beyond and well over a dozen more to the 4th generation. All told there are about 200 downstream churches in the USA and 162 overseas, including several among previously unengaged people groups. The total number of new professions of faith is now over 10,500. Our vision is to make it the norm for followers of Christ to become multiplying disciple-makers. (full article)

Fostering Multigenerational Movements by Equipping Believer-Priests

I moved from traditional church ministry to pursuing a generational church movement in January 2005. A desire to reach the lost and an honest look at how the first-century world was discipled in reproducing churches inspired us to “Re-en-ACT” our approach to the Great Commission. As a result we’ve had approximately 1000 generational groups and churches started in our people group. We live outside our people group, but I have personally led two to faith who have started generational church streams. Also, a volunteer team I was with led another person to faith who started a large generational stream. As a result, my primary role shifted from evangelism to training. Discipling these new believers as partner-priests, rather than students, has fostered generational growth. (full article)

Disciples Unleashed

In Honduras, Kenya, Guatemala, Israel, Congo, Pakistan, and many other nations, the Body of Christ is stirring in a mighty way, hungry for God’s work. Pastors and church leaders all over the world are hearing the call to return to “the Jesus model” of making disciples. Applying the tools Jesus modeled for us is resulting to impact the world. (full article)

These and other articles are available at missionfrontiers.org. Join the conversation today.

An update from our man in the South Pacific

Grant Morrison PNG training 2014 02

Grant Morrison serves with MOVE in the South Pacific. He’s based in the Solomon Islands. He’s out training in Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga.

He and Keith Wilson have just finished training in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Here’s part of Grant’s report.

We averaged 25 people each day and right from the start good things happened. On the first afternoon, Keith got to meet a man suffering from TB. He shared his story with him then got Vincent, one of the local men we were training, to pray. God healed this man, taking away his chest pain. A couple of days later this man then got his whole family together to hear about Jesus and to meet to learn from the Bible.

The emphasis of getting into homes and starting groups was clearer in this training in Port Moresby. Each day there were many exciting stories of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ. I would then ask “are you following them up?” and “are you meeting in their house?” After a couple of days of asking, trainees were getting back into homes to continue to meet with those they had contacted. There were betel nut sellers, a major criminal on the run from the police, people walking down the street, members of families and others who heard the gospel and want to know more about being a disciple of Jesus.

Two of those we trained are already on their way to the western province of PNG to share among their ‘people group’ and start churches all over the place. Parts of PNG have responded positively to the gospel in the past but now there is a new generation turning their back on the church. The need to reach this new generation is urgent and the team we trained clearly saw the priority of reaching people through Church Planting Movements.

Travel costs are high in the South Pacific. The flight to PNG cost over $2,000. Grant often pays his own way when he trains. 

I’ve launched an appeal to raise $10,000 towards his 2014 travel costs. If you’d like to contribute visit the giving page on the MOVE website.

Steve Smith and Jeff Sundell debrief and apply Ying Kai’s case study [Podcast]


Co-author, Steve Smith, debriefs Ying Kai’s case study of a church planting movement.

Jeff Sundell shares how CPM principles are being applied in the US and leads participants in applying the principles in their world. Follow to the link to Jeff Sundell’s resources.

The recording was made at a Mid-level Trainers’ event in Houston Texas in December 2013.


A wind in the House of Islam

A book by David Garrison that I’m eagerly awaiting to read when it comes out on Kindle.

From the blurb…

Something is happening in the Muslim world, something unprecedented in history. Over the past 14 centuries, Islam has forged a ‘spiritual empire’ that stretches from West Africa to Indonesia. Today, the Dar al-Islam or “House of Islam,” as Muslims call their religious community, counts more than one in five persons on earth. Over the centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction, tens of millions of Christians have been assimilated into the Muslim world, but what about the opposite? Have there been any reciprocal movements — more than individuals, but rather entire Muslim communities — who have come to faith in Christ?

In this new global study, Dr. David Garrison reveals that the first Muslim movement to Christ did not occur until the 19th century, more than 1000 years after Muhammad’s message first echoed from the minarets of Medina. This first movement was followed by a further 10 Muslim movements to Christ in the late 20th century. But something now is happening. In the first 12 years of the 21st century, we have already seen more than 60 new Muslim movements to Christ!

To better understand what is happening and why it is happening now, David Garrison has traveled throughout the Muslim world — from West Africa to Indonesia — collecting hundreds of interviews and personal stories of former Muslims from within these movements who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Garrison wanted to understand, “Why now?” “How is God at work in our day to see more Muslim movements to Christ than at any time in history?

A Wind in the House of Islam explores the stories of more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ from each of the nine rooms in the House of Islam. Join Dr. Garrison in this amazing journey of discovery, tracing the work of the Holy Spirit as it blows through the House of Islam.

“A Wind in the House of Islam” (David Garrison)

Movements Podcast — 21,000 downloads in twelve months

Movements Podcast downloads 2013 14


Over the last twelve months we’ve reached over 21,000. 

The US is the clear leader (9,376), followed by Australia, Thailand, India, the UK, New Zealand, Germany and China.

Thanks for your support.

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I’m back — sort of

IMG 4555

Photo: Sir Edmond Hilary and Tenzing Norgay on the India-Nepal border.

I’m back from trekking in the foothills of the Hymalayas with some CPM buddies. Aussie, American, and a Nepali/Indian from Bhutan. Plus our Sherpa guide.

The ride up and back was scary. A 1954 Landrover and the bumpiest drive I have ever experienced. Stray to the left and it’s a few hundred meters fall into Nepal. Stray to the right and you die in India.

We trekked at over 3,000 meters along the border trail. I was fine until we began to go uphill. The altitude left me gasping for air with any sort of exertion.

Three days of about 16 km a day. A once in a lifetime experience. We saw four of the five tallest peaks in the world, including Mt Everest and Mt Kanchanjunga.

IMG 4540

I’ve never been so cooooold in all my life.

This week I’m speaking at an SIM mission leader’s conference in Kuala Lumpa. Next week I’m home for the first time since early November.

But not for long. I’m away again in March working on the next book. It will be on Movement Leadership.

Expect the occasional blog post, but I won’t be back to full strength until early April.

Pray for John Short and for the people of North Korea

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He’s courageous, this is my husband’s character. I hope things get better — he’s in God’s hands, we both totally believe that.

Karen Short

A South Australian man has been detained in North Korea for distributing religious material.

John Short, 75, a former member of the Unley and Elizabeth Global Hall Brethren, was arrested by the public security bureau of North Korea on Sunday and faces 15 years in jail under the harsh regime of Kim Jong-un.

He has been questioned in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital and its largest city, about religious pamphlets printed in the Korean language and believed to be in his possession.

According to a recent United Nations report North Korea’s leaders should be brought before an international court for a litany of crimes against humanity that include exterminating its population.

A hard-hitting report on the nuclear-armed totalitarian state also strongly criticised its denial of basic freedoms of thought, expression and religion, and its abduction of citizens of neighbouring South Korea and Japan.

“Systemic, widespread and gross human rights violations have been and are being committed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, its institutions and officials,’’ said the report by the Commission of Inquiry on North Korea set up in March 2013 by the UN Human Rights Council.

“In many instances, the violations of human rights found by the commission constitute crimes against humanity. These are not mere excesses of the state; they are essential components of a political system that has moved far from the ideals on which it claims to be founded,’’ the report said.

“The gravity, scale and nature of these violations revealed a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world.’’