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Sharing Isa

It was around 4am. The second night in Malaysia and I was wide awake. I wandered down to the hotel lobby to see if I could pick up an internet connection and bumped into another insomniac—Abdul from Saudi Arabia. Malaysia is a great place to meet muslims. It’s a muslim state, and thousands of muslims […]

Missing Inaction

Off to Malaysia tonight to meet our with our team from around the world. Not sure how I’ll go with the blog while I’m away. Back in a couple of weeks.

Durian discrimination

I’ve made it to Singapore for a Movements workshop and some meetings with practitioners of church planting movements from around the world. I should have plenty to write about next week. I’m staying at the YMCA. Here’s a sign outside my door banning cigarettes and durians. If you’ve never tasted or smelt a durian you […]

New Zealand tour

Here I am working hard on Auckland Harbour in preparation for a tour of New Zealand. Thanks to Ian for making it possible. Although next time I’ll skip lunch before I go sailing. Most of it ended up in the harbour.

Interview with Jay (1)

A few years ago I was interviewed by Jay Lorenzen of Campus Crusade. Jay published the audio, now thanks to Sue, here’s the transcript. Jay: Tell us a little bit about your work with Church Resource Ministries? Steve: I’ve been with CRM since 1992 and my main work is in coaching and equipping church planters […]

Out of here

Until further notice, Michelle and I will be on a beach somewhere. . . We’re hooking up the camper-trailer and are wandering off to find a national park somewhere on the South Australian coast. I’ve set a few post to drop while we’re away.

The view from our window on Christmas morning

Eastern Rosella (photo: michelle addison)

Karamazov for Christmas

I’m a fan of Christian Audio. No they don’t pay me to advertise. I just think they provide some great deals. Here’s one — The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky — for free. UPDATE For a few more days they have the whole Bible on audio (ESV) for just $7.49.

Evangelism training

I’m in London this week. It reminded me of an amazing train journey I experienced almost twenty years ago. It was 1990. We were between church plants. I was in England learning what I could before we dived back in to ministry. As the London train approached Leeds station I looked right at the backpacker […]

An interview with Ed Stetzer

Why did you write Movements that Change the World? A number of reasons. As a church planter I remember hearing Peter Wagner say, “Starting new churches is the most effective form of evangelism under the sun.” I thought if that’s true, then starting church planting movements could be even more effective. I dived in to […]