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A monument to lost causes and missed opportunities

When Saffie the Wonderdog and I take our morning walk, we head out along the creek at the bottom of our street that leads to Blackburn Lake. Along the way there’s a gum tree whose fortunes we have been following for the last few years. The tree fell on hard times. Literally. It began with […]

Movements in Brazil

Movements that Change the World is about to be released in Brazil (Portuguese). No details yet. I’m excited. Brazil is one of growing powerhouses of world mission. Still looking for a (Latin American) Spanish publisher.

Enlightenment for lost sons

The man who is without blind faith, who knows the Uncreate, who has severed all links, destroyed all causes (for Karma, good and evil), and thrown out all desires—he truly is the most excellent of men. The Buddha Earlier this year I visited Gaya in north India, the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. There […]

Who let the dog out?

Saffie the Wonderdog and I escaped last week to do some work on my next book. Actually, Saffie hasn’t been much help. She sleeps in until 9am, has her morning nap at 11am and wakes up ready for a walk on the beach at 2pm. It’s a dog’s life. The next book is on Jesus […]

Meeting George

I finally got to meet George Patterson and shake his hand. We were part of a panel discussion on church planting movements. George is one of the early pioneers of rediscovering what it means for God’s people to be a missionary movement. He learnt the hard way, by trial and error, multiplying disciples and churches […]

Back to Amsterdam

Here we are in Amsterdam on the spot where we met in ’79. It’s the first time we’ve been back in thirty-two years. Amsterdam has changed. There are no more hippies. The prostitution and drug dealing has toned down, and is mostly out of sight. We lived in the Ark— two houseboats moored behind the […]

The view from Loughrigg Fell

Here I am on Loughrigg Fell on a four hour walk with Michelle. We’ve had four glorious days in the Lakes District of England. Everywhere you look is like a postcard. Next stop on our 30th Anniversary tour is Scotland . . .

Missing the one you love

I’ve been on the road just ten days. But I do miss Saffie the Wonderdog. This clip reminded me of her. She’s a smart dog. UPDATE My daughter Gretta just sent me this. Saffie at ther favourite beach.

No promises!

I’m back from a glorious week at Point Lonsdale writing from dawn to dusk with Saffie the Wonderdog by my side for my twice daily walks on the beach. Michelle came down for the weekend and we lit the open fire. Just the three of us. Is this what heaven is like? I’m off at […]


I”m looking out over the Pacific ocean at Point Lonsdale trying to pick up some phone and internet coverage. My ration for the day. No car, virtually no internet or phone. Alone except for Saffie the Wonderdog. I’ve grabbed the chance to get away for a week to on work on my next book. Missing […]