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The view from our window on Christmas morning

Eastern Rosella (photo: michelle addison)

Karamazov for Christmas

I’m a fan of Christian Audio. No they don’t pay me to advertise. I just think they provide some great deals. Here’s one — The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky — for free. UPDATE For a few more days they have the whole Bible on audio (ESV) for just $7.49.

Evangelism training

I’m in London this week. It reminded me of an amazing train journey I experienced almost twenty years ago. It was 1990. We were between church plants. I was in England learning what I could before we dived back in to ministry. As the London train approached Leeds station I looked right at the backpacker […]

An interview with Ed Stetzer

Why did you write Movements that Change the World? A number of reasons. As a church planter I remember hearing Peter Wagner say, “Starting new churches is the most effective form of evangelism under the sun.” I thought if that’s true, then starting church planting movements could be even more effective. I dived in to […]

How Movements got published

Five years ago I drafted a book based on what I had learned about movements from a decade of observation and study. Six publishers considered the draft and six publishers rejected the draft. No one was interested. At least, not interested in reading what I had written. I was confused. Everywhere I went to speak […]

How I wrote Movements

A very long time ago, just after Michelle and I were married, Michelle asked me, “Do you have any dreams you’d like to accomplish one day? From out of nowhere I told her, “I’m going to write a book one day.” Until that moment I had never thought about writing a book. I didn’t even […]

Two fine reviews

Reviews just don’t get better than this one that came in via a text message! Hi guys, mark is in fiji, I hve piles of ‘stuff’ todo n I just can’t put dis book down! Just 1 more chapter! No time to txt sorry Regards lina cav If you’d like to read a longer review […]

Copies now available

“A thoroughly readable description of the dynamics of missionary movements, as well as how to initiate, maintain, and extend them.” ALAN HIRSCH Forge and Shapevine Author of The Forgotten Ways Movements that change the world is now available for sale. Go to to order a copy. Amazon has it and there’s also a Kindle […]

Amazon releases the electronic version

The electronic version of the book is out for those who prefer to read via a Kindle, iPhone or iPod. Although the Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod isn’t available outside the US yet. The print version is still a week away. The new website is still under construction.

A quiet break

The book goes to print next week in Australia and the following week in the US. So now it’s time for a winter’s break by the ocean. Back in the second week of July.