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Hot off the press!

The new version of Movements that Change the World is printed and delivered to InterVarsity Press. We’ve done some basic editing and added a 40 page study/discussion guide for groups. IVP are now taking orders at 20% off. You can also order through Amazon. We’re still working on the Kindle version. “Movements That Change the […]

Movements going, going, gone.

I’ve heard today that copies of Movements that Change the World are running out on Amazon. There is a reason. InterVarsity Press has picked up the book, and will be releasing it in the US on April 4. The text is essentially the same. We’ve added in the 50 page Discussion Guide for groups. There […]

As good as it gets

It’s Valentine’s Day on this side of the world. So here’s one of my favourite final movie scenes from As Good as it Gets. Maybe I like it because there’s a bit of Melvin (Jack Nicholson) in me and a lot of Carol (Helen Hunt) in Michelle. . . We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary […]

Three empty seats

It was the flight from Delhi to Bangalore. The plane was about to take off. When across the isle I spotted three empty seats—my ticket to happiness and a peaceful, quiet flight. All I needed to do was jump across the isle just as the doors were shut for take off and those seats were […]

Off to India

I’ll be in India until late January visiting our workers in a couple of locations. Not sure if I’ll have time and internet for writing. I’ve set a few posts to drop while I’m away. Here’s the story of one of the locals our team are in India to serve.

Michelle and Jenni

Michelle and I send out a regular newsletter to our friends and supporters. Here’s the one I wrote for December. Dear Friends The standard rule of writing a good newsletter is, “What couldn’t you wait to get home and tell someone about?” That’s what you should write about. Michelle didn’t wait to get home. She […]

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia means summer, holidays and beaches. We’re off tomorrow to Byron Bay in northern NSW. Michelle’s sister has a farm we’ll be staying on together with friends and family. They’ve built a giant water slide on the side of a hill using plastic sheeting and a hose. I’ve set a few posts to […]

In Sydney this week

I’m in Sydney this week hanging out with the Acts29 church planting guys (above). They call it a “bootcamp” but the food is great, and no one has yelled at me yet. Also catching up with some early adopters who are learning how to fuel church planting movements. Last stop tomorrow is SMBC where I’m […]

Sharing Isa

It was around 4am. The second night in Malaysia and I was wide awake. I wandered down to the hotel lobby to see if I could pick up an internet connection and bumped into another insomniac—Abdul from Saudi Arabia. Malaysia is a great place to meet muslims. It’s a muslim state, and thousands of muslims […]

Missing Inaction

Off to Malaysia tonight to meet our with our team from around the world. Not sure how I’ll go with the blog while I’m away. Back in a couple of weeks.