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G’day from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Michelle and I are in Thailand this week, meeting with our workers from Australia and beyond. I caught up with David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements. He’s researching for his next book on movements. Off to visit friends tomorrow in Chiang Rai. UPDATE: I forgot to mention how we were travelling to Chiang Rai. […]

ARETÉ Award for Movements

Great news from Sandro Bier, my editor in Brazil. Movimentos que mudam o mundo (Movements that Change the World) has taken out an ARETÉ Award for best foreign language book on Mission. That’s Sandro in the centre of the picture receiving the away which is given by the Brazilian Christian Editors Association. Throughout the world, […]

Really Good Friday

I’m looking for a good hot cross buns recipe. We have about twenty people coming over on Good Friday. For most it will be their first Easter celebration. Japanese, Koreans, Iranians, mainland Chinese, Thai, and Hong Kong Chinese. All of them have heard the gospel. Some have become disciples. Many are close. After some homemade […]

Lazy Sunday afternoon: Part one

John and Angela were beaming when we arrived at their home onSunday afternoon. Shoes off at the door and we went inside to meet the others in their household. We squeezed around the kitchen table, which is also the living room. The actual living room has been converted into a bedroom. Eight of us drinking […]

Barbie makes the world better

As a boy I never really understood Barbie. I guess my mind was corrupted by gender stereotyping. Since my daughter Gretta took up a position with Mattel to market Barbie dolls, I’ve come to believe that Barbie makes the world a better place. Although I preferred her last job with Hugo Boss which got me […]

Home alone

While I’ve been eating curries in India, the lovely Michelle has been dining out on hamburgers in North Carolina. She’s away hanging out with Jeff and Angie Sundell and the many workers Jeff has trained to multiply disciples, groups and churches. Last time I called she was off to a discipleship group meeting in a […]

One in a hundred

My grandfather Edgar Bashforth fought in World War I in France in the 11th Machine Gun Company. After the war he received government help for returned soldiers and bought land near Brunswick Heads in northern New South Wales. He cleared the land and fenced it. He milled the timber and sold it, and he also […]

Just a stroll from our campsite

I took this on Gillard’s Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park, a short stroll from our campsite. Headed inland and home via the Snowy Mountains.

Steve and Michelle head for the beach

It’s summer in Australia. Michelle and I will hitch up the camper-trailer, and leave tonight for a beach somewhere on the south coast of New South Wales. Perhaps we’ll find a spot at Bournda National Park. I expect to be back, blogging around January 20. Have a great summer break if you live in the […]

The Queen’s Christmas Message

A highlight of my 2011 Christmas was watching the Queen’s Christmas message. The Queen wrote the speech herself – one of the rare occasions where she does not turn to the government for advice. She is still Australian’s head of state. Before I highlight the actual speech, let’s see how the press in Australia and Britain […]