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Investing in perspective

Every day there is more bad economic news out of Europe. Is this the big crash we’ve all been fearing? No one knows, but it reminds me of an experience just after the last big crash and some implications for how we approach mission. Just after the crash of 2008. I visited my dad concerned […]

Showing up

A young Chinese girl bounded into our English conversation club last Sunday for the first time. We’ll call her Heather. We got chatting and I learned her aunt in China led an unofficial house church. Heather attended once but found it boring. We’d just finished a simple discovery bible study with a small group of […]

A time to speak. A time to let the scriptures speak.

I was asked recently to speak at a church gathering of people recovering from drug and alcohol additions.        The safe thing to do would have been to pull out one of my well worn messages. Instead I took a risk. I broke people into groups of three to five and told them to read the […]

Making disciples for dummies (like me)

I’m having fun these days doing Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) with people who want to know more about Jesus. This week I met with a twenty something professional. We’re working through Matthew’s Gospel. That wasn’t my plan, somehow we started in Genesis and jumped to Matthew. The guy is out of control. We’re meant to […]

My favourite Steve Jobs moment

I bought my first computer twenty one years ago. It as a Mac SE. I carried it all the way back from California to Australia via England in a shoulder bag. It wasn’t portable, just transportable. I’ve been a Mac fan ever since. I can also admin to being a Steve Jobs fan. This is […]

Movimentos que mudam o mundo

Movements just went on sale in Brazil in Portuguese. Worldwide, 240 million people speak Portuguese, so if you know anyone from, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, or East Timor, let them know.

A whale of a time

Finally some good environmental news. More baby whales are expected to migrate down Australia’s east coast than have been seen in 50 years. I hope to do some whale spotting in a few weeks when I head up to Port Stephens for my brother’s 50th.

A monument to lost causes and missed opportunities

When Saffie the Wonderdog and I take our morning walk, we head out along the creek at the bottom of our street that leads to Blackburn Lake. Along the way there’s a gum tree whose fortunes we have been following for the last few years. The tree fell on hard times. Literally. It began with […]

Movements in Brazil

Movements that Change the World is about to be released in Brazil (Portuguese). No details yet. I’m excited. Brazil is one of growing powerhouses of world mission. Still looking for a (Latin American) Spanish publisher.

Enlightenment for lost sons

The man who is without blind faith, who knows the Uncreate, who has severed all links, destroyed all causes (for Karma, good and evil), and thrown out all desires—he truly is the most excellent of men. The Buddha Earlier this year I visited Gaya in north India, the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. There […]