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On the road. Back on track.

I’ve been on the road the last few weeks, training. It’s been hard work. Michelle and I are wearing a number of different hats. Local practitioners, leading a mission agency, study (Michelle), writing (Steve). Add in a wider role in training and mobilizing others and our dance card is full. It’s worth it. Locally we’re […]

Around midnight

A text message message came in from Michelle around midnigh. I’m away from home. What could be important enough to wake me at that hour? Another friend from English club just gave her life to Christ. Michelle had to let me know. Did I mention it was around midnight? At Sydney airport the next day, […]

Of course I want eternal life!

I asked Peter, “Jesus offers us eternal life. Is that what you want?” Peter looked a little shocked at the question. “Steve, I am thirty years old and no one has ever told me that I can have eternal life. Of course I want eternal life!” We’d been meeting with Peter and Lyn and the […]


I’ve been with Church Resource Ministries Australia for twenty years. Our corporate identity has just caught up with who we have become. CRM Australia has a new name and a new website — MOVE.

Go Beth!

This just came in from one of my colleagues. Names changed to protect the innocent. Steve I’m in Darwin, just finished debrief with those I trained last month. Dear Beth, quiet and soft spoken and in her 70’s, has shared her faith with 4 people, been door knocking several times and has led her husband […]

Thailand — 99.3% unreached

Greetings form the border of Thailand, Burma and Laos. China is just over the mountains. You can visit three countries in the same day — if you remember to bring your passport with you! I had to wait in the car. Amazingly, Thailand is the country with the lowest percentage of Christians, and it is […]

G’day from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Michelle and I are in Thailand this week, meeting with our workers from Australia and beyond. I caught up with David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements. He’s researching for his next book on movements. Off to visit friends tomorrow in Chiang Rai. UPDATE: I forgot to mention how we were travelling to Chiang Rai. […]

ARETÉ Award for Movements

Great news from Sandro Bier, my editor in Brazil. Movimentos que mudam o mundo (Movements that Change the World) has taken out an ARETÉ Award for best foreign language book on Mission. That’s Sandro in the centre of the picture receiving the away which is given by the Brazilian Christian Editors Association. Throughout the world, […]

Really Good Friday

I’m looking for a good hot cross buns recipe. We have about twenty people coming over on Good Friday. For most it will be their first Easter celebration. Japanese, Koreans, Iranians, mainland Chinese, Thai, and Hong Kong Chinese. All of them have heard the gospel. Some have become disciples. Many are close. After some homemade […]

Lazy Sunday afternoon: Part one

John and Angela were beaming when we arrived at their home onSunday afternoon. Shoes off at the door and we went inside to meet the others in their household. We squeezed around the kitchen table, which is also the living room. The actual living room has been converted into a bedroom. Eight of us drinking […]