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A sign you’ll only ever see in Canberra

I’m in Canberra this weekend training in Following Jesus and Fishing for People. This sign caught my attention. In accordance with the ACT Government’s commitment to sustainable water management we are reviewing the design and future management options for this pond. Only in our nation’s capital, the seat of government, would there be a permanent […]

Heading home

Heading home from Launceston, Tasmania. Saw my first set of albino wallabies (small version of the kangaroo) this afternoon. I trained about 80 people at the Tailrace Centre in Following Jesus and Fishing for People. Here’s an email from one: Hi guys – last night when I got home from the conference I decided to step out […]

Another day at the office

I arrived back from a week of training in Adelaide ready for a couple of days of hibernation and recovery. Michelle had other ideas. Let’s host a celebration for Chinese New Year. Ten Chinese friends brought food and drinks. We provided the space. Some have already come to faith in Christ. Others we’ve done discovery […]

Interview with Ed Stetzer

Today Ed Stetzer interviews me about What Jesus Started. You can jump in and leave comments, I’ll be around to answer them.

Headed north

By the time you read this Michelle and I will be headed north looking for a national park with a beach. It’s summer in Australia. I’ve set up a few posts to drop from time to time. My next book, What Jesus Started will be released on January 1 . . .

Introducing the Rev Dr Addison

It’s official, I have been ordained. I am now the Rev Dr Addison, BEc., BTh., DMin. That’s how I was introduced in Africa. Ok, I do have a Doctor of Ministry (not a Phd), but I’m not ordained and I”m not a “pastor”. Nobody listened. The titles stuck. In Liberia I met a Pentecostal Bishop […]

Finding God in Liberia

Just arrived home from almost three weeks in West Africa. The homeward journey took over 40 hours. The internet was either down or sloooow in Liberia, something about a lightening strike. I’m a news and email junkie. Ever since 9/11 I wake up in the morning and wonder, Is the world still there? Then I […]

Fishing update

Stephen turned up today. We shared a while and prayed for each other. Then we dived into Luke 10:1-12, Jesus sending out the 72 on mission. I read the story. He retold it. Then we discussed: What do we like in the passage? What does it teach us about God/Jesus? What does it teach us […]

What Jesus Started: Interview by David Garrison

The transcript of an interview I did for David Garrison on my next book. DAVID: Why did you write, What Jesus Started? STEVE: About two years ago I looked back on the impact of my first book, Movements that Change the World and saw that it had done a good job of changing the way […]

Leaving the comfort zone

I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false believers. Paul I’m in west Africa. A week […]