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058-Reaching the world in your backyard: James Harvey & David Kaufmann [podcast]

God has brought the world to Nashville Tennessee. James Harvey and David Kaufmann talk about reaching immigrant populations through disciple making movements. What they had to say rocked my understanding of how we train workers for the harvest. Download their resources at Contact James and David about training at Podcast: Play in new […]


Five Reasons (Most) Seminary Graduates Fail At Church Planting

This Forbes magazine article got my attention. It may explain why you’ll only find one or two good church planters in most institutions of theological learning. Five Reasons (Most) MBAs Fail At Startups Startups Need Execution, Not Administration Despite the proliferation of entrepreneurial courses within Business Administration programs, business schools are essentially vocational training grounds […]

057-Job Description: Movement Catalyst [podcast]

David Broodryk on what a movement catalyst does. How he finds them. How he mentors and equips them. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS


Growing movement leaders

I asked Nathan, a worker somewhere in South Asia, about what he does to grow movement leaders. His response opens a window on how to grow leaders in a growing disciple making movement. Steve I realize more than ever my role at this point is diagnostics. We have around 8-10 teams of workers experiencing some stage […]

A Church Planting Movement is a Leadership Movement

So you’ve broken through and you’re beginning to connect with people, share the gospel and train disciples. You may be tempted to camp there for a while. I was. After all, you’re finally seeing fruit. People are coming to faith and going on to discipleship. Now you are ready for a new challenge—multiplying workers. While […]

Lin Xingiao free at last

I can understand Job’s victories and Job’s defeats. It taught  me that grumbling does not help. Not against God and not against those who  persecuted me. My dear wife died while I was in prison. I was not allowed to  attend her funeral. It was like an arrow of the Almighty, until I understood  that […]

046-Leaders who multiply — Jeff Sundell [podcast]

Are you a leader who wants to multiply disciples and churches? What does your job description look like? What do you do every day to become a catalyst for a church planting movement? This is number 5 in a series of six podcasts recorded at a Community of Practice with Jeff Sundell in April 2013. […]


Baptisms @ $762,000 each

Reader Dave writes, Steve Good challenge on Zero dollar church planting. The Jan 2012 issue of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research (IBMR) publishes the annual statistics of the “Status of Global Mission”. They identify that $762,000 per year is the “cost effectiveness” per baptism, globally. Granted, the numbers include all Christian groups of every […]

Zero dollar church planting

I’m still coming terms with the reality that Nigeria has a current population of 170 million people. High fertility rates mean there will be 300 million Nigerians within the next 25 years. Sub-saharan Africa is in the midst of a population explosion that will continue for at least the next fifty years. Even tiny Liberia, […]

Pioneering Movements: 4. Removing obstacles

When four generations of disciples and churches are the norm, you’re in the middle of a church planting movement (CPM). It’s hard enough to get to a CPM. They are just as hard to sustain. Here are some obstacles that a CPM must overcome if it is to survive and grow. Traditional church culture. A […]