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Leading change

A number of years ago I developed a program for denominational teams on fueling church planting movements. We met six times over two years for two to three days each time. Each time we met for two to three days and tackled a topic related to applying church planting movement principles: vision for church planting […]

026-Movements and Money [podcast]

A while ago I heard this short talk by Simon Pillar on the link between generosity and the spread of the gospel. The Gospels and Acts identify many people who used their wealth for the advance of the Christian movement. It’s a bootleg recording from the Arrow graduation dinner so the quality is less than […]


Why we can’t change the world

Most of the books on the topic of Changing the World were written in the last twenty years. Before 1900 we can’t find any books written on changing the world in the previous 500 years. OK I jumped on the bandwagon and called my book, Movements that Change the World. Who says we’re going to […]

Salvation by faith and mission by works?

Working on this next book got me thinking. . . Are we saved by faith, only to carry out our mission by works? Pull down off your shelves every book you have on evangelism, church planting or mission. Flip through them. What premise are they based on? Who is the main character in their story […]

Apostolic ministry

Sixteen years ago I wrote my Doctor of Ministry dissertation on Apostolic Ministry. The project got me thinking about Movements. Every now and again I get a request for a copy. Usually someone has heard Alan Hirsch referring to it. One day I’ll rework it and turn it into a book. Meanwhile if you want […]

Organization vs movement vs philosophy

Some wisdom from Seth Godin: An organization uses structure and resources and power to make things happen. Organizations hire people, issue policies, buy things, erect buildings, earn market share and get things done. Your company is probably an organization. A movement has an emotional heart. A movement might use an organization, but it can replace […]

What did Paul do between Sundays?

Before you print “Apostle” below your name on the business card, you had better read the job description. Paul was at different times in differing roles, sometimes simultaneously: cross-cultural missionary traveling from region to region, evangelist in a city, pastor of a local congregation, counselor, coordinator of the affairs of churches in an interregional framework […]

The espistle of St Barnabas to Ronald on the matter of money and movements

Let’s drop in on an email exchange between “St Barney” (recently cannonized) and one of his CPM workers in the field. It’s on the topic of centralized funding and location for training church planters. Your situation may differ, but the principles here don’t. Hi Ronald Thanks for explaining the situation. It sounds like it would […]

Everyone a missionary? I don’t think so.

We may say “every believer is a missionary” but our behaviour proves otherwise. So how do you motivate people? You don’t. You can’t. There is only a small percentage of people ready and willing to take up the challenge of reaching a lost world. Your job is to find them, get them started, keep them […]

Lessons from the French Canadian revival

Don Carson recently spoke at the In The Chute conference. He gave a great history of French Canada and all the social and spiritual pressures that lead up to a time of remarkable revival in the 1970s. He shared lessons from the lean years and lessons from the years of rapid growth. You can read […]