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0 to 500,000,000 in 100

April 9, this year marks one hundred years since the Azusa Street Revival which launched Pentecostalism as a dynamic movement. Zero to half a billion in 100 years is not a bad record for a movement. Don’t try and understand Pentecostalism and it’s significance simply by watching Christian TV. The vast majority of Pentecostals are […]

Emerging Church Fad or Future?

Scot McKnight has been doing thinking and writing on Emerging Church Fad or Future?

John Kaiser

Why aren’t we seeing church multiplication spread rapidly in Western cultures the way it does in some parts of Asia and the Global South? All we can do from this side of heaven is guess. At I have read and pondered the wisdom of “Barney” on this matter and find his points of explanation to […]

Hirsch on Movements

Alan Hirsch has been hanging out with Sam Metcalf. Check out Sam’s notes on Alan’s rambling thoughts on movements. Church Planting Movements

Friends who changed the world

From OnMovements: The Clapham Sect—A Company of Friends An excellent post on the Clapham Sect, an evangelical movement led by William Wilberforce. One of the sources they reference is also available: William Wilberforce and His Circle of Friends by Richard L. Gathro. According to Gathro here’s what characterized this group of friends who changed the […]

Three Emerging Streams

Ed Stetzer has come up with an interesting analysis of the emerging church movement: Understanding the Emerging Church Thanks to the Kiwi for the heads up. He divides the movement into three overlapping streams. Relevants Reconstructionists Revisionists Definitely worth a read. I need to do some more thinking and writing on the EC from a […]

Changing your world

Movements emerge because something needs to change. From Scott Hampton: unNotified Bodies – Stubborn Resistance to Change If you can’t change the little things in your methods, you’ll never change the big things. Pick something, make it better. . . . BUT if you wait for everyone else to change BEFORE you will, remember that […]

Frustrated with the Archbishop

Uniting Church minister, David Millikan is frustrated with Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen’s Boyer Lectures. Enough to write a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald. Here’s my letter to the editor in response: David Millikan has been frustrated by Archbishop Peter Jensen’s Boyer Lectures (SMH 23-25/12/05). He rejects Jensen’s assumption that “there is only one way […]

Lunch with Barney

Back from two weeks in Central and East Asia. I need to be a little vague about specific places and names for security reasons. The picture above sums up the transition in Asia between the new and the old. I’m still thinking and praying through the lessons and implications of the trip. Hoping the blog […]

002-Introduction to movements [podcast]

While I’m away here’s another mp3 to listen to. This one introducing the importance of movements. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS