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085-Zach Medlock: Pioneering movements in Memphis [podcast]

Zach Medlock (above) is mobilising students to multiply disciples and churches in Memphis. Find out more about what God is doing in Memphis. BTW Zach, that’s not how you swing a cricket bat. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS


Nathan Shank: The five levels of movement leadership [video]

My next book will be on Movement Leadership. It is due out in November 2015 with IVP. A huge influence on my thinking has been Nathan Shank’s five levels of movement leadership. He unpacks it here on the world’s largest whiteboard. If you like what you see and hear download Nathan and Kari Shank’s Four […]

A conversation with Troy Cooper

Troy Cooper is one of my favourite people. Bryan Entzminger is one of my favourite interviewers. They come together in this podcast.

How much time do movement leaders need to spend in prayer and the Word?

Steve In your communications with movement leaders would you say there is a common denominator when it comes to the time spent in prayer and the Bible Reading (e.g. # of chapters, etc.) daily by movement leaders who are seeing maximum impact? Chuck Let’s start with the greatest movement leader of them all — Jesus. […]

Financial dependency and the death of a movement

Dependency occurs when a local church [ed. or church planting movement] requires funding or leadership from outside of its own members in order carry out the core biblical responsibilities of a local church under normal conditions. Consequences of financial dependency include a lack of ownership, stunted growth, mixed motives in leadership, confused accountability, suspicion of foreign […]

Hudson and Maria

I’ve been captivated by the story of Hudson and Maria Taylor. It’s a love story and an adventure story intertwined with one of the most significant breakthroughs in the spread of the gospel beyond the boarders of Western Christendom. It’s the stuff great movies are made of. Yes I cried and yes I was inspired. […]

What went wrong at Mars Hill?

  Following the resignation of Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill has announced that it is closing and will dissolve into eleven separate new churches.  Ben Tertin’s asks, What went wrong at Mars Hill?

076-A conversation with George Patterson [podcast]

I had the honour of interviewing George Patterson. He served for over twenty years in Central America. The simple methods and practices he developed have since spread around the world as best practice for church planting movements. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS


073-From church to movement – Peter Snyman [podcast]

Peter Snyman is the senior leader of the Lighthouse church in Cape Town, South Africa. In the dark days of apartheid Lighthouse was one of the first churches in South Arica to open its doors to all nations. Despite being a church of over 2,000, God gave them a vision to reach the unreached. With the best […]


Looking for a person rather than a methodology

I had a Skype session yesterday with my Yoda of church planting movements. He prefers to fly under the radar so we’ll call him “Yoda Bill.” He followed up our conversation with this email on the topic of investing in the right people vs perfecting your methods. Even today many CPM practitioner’s spend too much […]