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The starfish and the spider

Another book I haven’t ready yet but it comes highly recommended by Neil Cole, and he should know because Alan Hirsch told him it was great book. Alan didn’t tell me because he says I read too much. That’s not true. I buy too much but I don’t read too much! There is a difference. […]

The rise and fall of disbelief

The madman sprang into their midst and pierced them with his glances. “Where has God gone?” he cried. “I shall tell you. We have killed him—you and I. We are his murderers. Friedrich Nietzsche I’ve just finished working my way through ”The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World“ […]

What movement leaders must do

Another gem from Dave (Pizza of the Pharoahs) Zovak: In Marcus Buckingham’s most recent book, The One Thing You Need to Know, he talks about management, leadership, and sustained, excellent, personal performance. His “one thing” about leadership is: Discover what is universal and capitalize on it. Specifically, of all the valid needs of followers, the […]

Don’t Stop…Start

Nature abhors a vacuum. François Rabelais (1494-1553) Frustrated in your attempts to introduce change? Try applying this wisdom from FastCompany for changing individuals to changing groups, teams, churches and organizations: If you want to change something in your life, it’s common to try to stop the behaviors you don’t like. While this certainly seems logical, […]

6 books for nerds

Six books on the Sociology of movements. Caveat emptor—only for nerds. (If you know what caveat emptor means you may be one of us). “People, power, change;: Movements of social transformation” (Luther P Gerlach) “Why Conservative Churches Are Growing: A Study in Sociology of Religion With a New Preface for the Rose Edition (Rose Series)” […]

4 books you’ll be lucky to find

Three top books on the renewal of the church in its life and mission. All out of print. All worth tracking down if you are a student of movements and love the church. “Signs of the Spirit: How God Reshapes the Church” (Howard A. Snyder) “The renewal of the church (The Dale lectures)” (Willem Adolph […]

When the world sets the agenda

Once you have made the world an end and faith a means, you have almost won your man, and it makes very little difference what kind of worldly end he is pursuing. Provided that meetings, pamphlets, policies, movements, causes, and crusades matter more to him than prayers and sacraments and charity, he is ours. Screwtape […]

5 historical case studies

Missionary and church planting movements that have made, and are making, history. Read the case studies. Distill the learning. Follow their example. Change the world. Or at least make a mess. “How the Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History)” (Thomas Cahill) “Wesley and the People Called Methodists” (Richard P. Heitzenrater) “A Cambridge movement” (John Charles […]

5 Good Biographies on 6 Great Founders

“St. Patrick of Ireland : A Biography” (Philip Freeman) “Here I Stand : A Life of Martin Luther” (Roland H. Bainton) “Ignatius Loyola: A Biography of the Founder of the Jesuits” (Phillip Caraman) “Wesley the Preacher” (John Pollock) “Blood and Fire : William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army” (Roy Hattersley) Post a comment […]

Friends and Movements

Any movement which has benefited society in the long haul has at its core a group of people committed to a cause that they consider greater than themselves and to one another as friends. James McGregor Burns via Sam Metcalf with some provocative questions.