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Floyd says hi

Windswept greetings from Floyd McClung to Aussie church planters via Dave Lawton. He shares a few gems on what it takes to fuel church planting movements. The outsider-insider distinction is very significant. I was challenged by the comments on prayer.

Movements and the shirtless dancing guy

Just three minutes from Derek Sivers on movements and the dancing guy. Some great transferable principles. Watch it and learn. Then ask yourself is this a “movement” or a “fad”? The difference is everything.

The wisdom of experience

Peter Roennfeldt has been planting churches for longer than I can remember. He has children, grand children and great grand children all over the globe. Recently he and his wife Judy returned to Papua New Guinea where it all began. They visited the fourteen churches they planted in the capital Port Moresby before leaving in […]

Movements move

Jesus always on the move. You read the gospels and Jesus is always going somewhere. He’s always meeting new people. He’s visiting new towns. He covers the nation in just a few years. In his three year public ministry, Jesus could have easily visited the 175 towns and villages throughout Galilee. It would have been […]

Brains on Fire

Movements start with a small group of deeply passionate and deeply dedicated people who believe. Tony Sheng has just sent me this take on Movements from a social marketing perspective. Some great insights. Don’t forget to add the power of the Gospel and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Lessons Learned in Igniting Word of […]

Movements and organizational control

Some good questions from a mate ministering in Eastern Europe on movements. To Steve Had a question about your book. You talked p88 onwards about Methodist/Baptist growth. You mention on p 91 that the Methodists were centrally controlled but the Baptists were autonomous. You then say that both actually planted self governing congregations because the […]

Steve Addison on movements

Interview by Jay Lorenzen of OnMovements, 2006. Podcast: Play in new window | Download



Heretics are where movements come from. Seth Godin I’m enjoying my free audio copy of Seth Godin’s Tribes. He understand movements. Here are a few gems that got my attention. Heretics are the new leaders. The ones who challenge the status quo, who get out front of their tribes, who create movements. There‚Äôs a difference […]

Nothing new

The great Christian revolutions come not by the discovery of something that was not known before. They happen when someone takes radically something that was already there. Helmut Richard Niebuhr (1894-1962) MovementsQuotes

The starfish and the spider

Another book I haven’t ready yet but it comes highly recommended by Neil Cole, and he should know because Alan Hirsch told him it was great book. Alan didn’t tell me because he says I read too much. That’s not true. I buy too much but I don’t read too much! There is a difference. […]