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102-Nathan Shank: The five levels of movement leadership (2)

Nathan Shank discusses the Five Levels of Movement Leadership. The second part of a two-part series. You can read more on Nathan’s Five Levels of Leadership in Pioneering Movements: Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS


101-Nathan Shank: The Five Levels of Movement Leadership (1) [podcast]

Nathan Shank explains the levels of leadership in a multiplying movement. You’ll find it easier to follow if you’ve already listened to Episode 086-Nathan Shank on The Four Fields. This podcast is also available as a video. In our next episode Nathan will continue to discuss the Five Levels of Movement Leadership. Podcast: Play in new […]


Newbigin’s shift — from a traditional to a movements paradigm

I was compelled to ask myself whether it is really true that the Church’s obedience to the Great Commission is intended to be contingent upon the accident of a budgetary surplus. Lesslie Newbigin Lesslie Newbigin was one of the great missionary statesmen of the 20th Century. He spent much of his life in India. He began with […]

100-Jeff Sundell casts vision for no place left

This is the 100th episode of the Movements Podcast. To mark this milestone we listen in as Jeff Sundell casts vision to a group of city leaders for NoPlaceLeft. If you’re enjoying the Movements Podcast why not tell a friend in person, via email or Facebook and Twitter. You can even leave a review. Subscribe […]


And he gave apostles…

My next book is on movement leadership. Pioneering Movements is due out in December. Here’s a source I wish I’d read before I finished the book. Just a good Biblical basis for the continuing ministry of apostles as movement pioneers. In his commentary on Ephesians 4 Clinton Arnold begins by saying that the Risen Lord […]

098-Pioneering Movements in SE Asia with Johnny [podcast]

‘Johnny’ is an Asian-American. His parents fled SE Asia during the Vietnam War. He grew up in a Buddhist home. After coming to Christ he’s back in the region making disciples and starting churches. Action: Follow Johnny on his blog: Asian Rough Rider. Learn more about the Jonathan Project. Related: Pioneering Movements in SE Asia  with Steve Parlato […]


097-From church to movement: Jimmy Scroggins [podcast]

Jimmy Scroggins, a local church pastor, leads by example and casts vision for church planting movements. Jimmy developed the 3Circles tool for sharing the gospel. This podcast is the latest in the Church to Movement series. Related: Pioneering Movements in South Florida – Troy Cooper   Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android […]


096-Pioneering Movements in South Florida – Troy Cooper [podcast]

I’ve done a count and this is (around) the 96th episode of the Movements podcast. Our guest is Troy Cooper, a movement pioneering based in South Florida. We talk about how God has shaped him in that role and what it means to be on mission as a family. Find out more about the Coopers… To […]


Movement lessons from the Exodus: 1. God’s power

After a few years in the Gospels and Acts I left the New Testament and dived into Exodus. Today I took some time to reflect on the lessons for movement pioneers from the Exodus event. The first thing I noticed is that the deliverance of Israel is entirely God’s doing. God takes the initiative. He […]

Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

My next book is on Movement Leadership. It has just gone up on Amazon for pre-purchase. It is due out on December 6. “Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches” (Steve Addison)