050-On the frontline with Ray Vaughn [podcast]

2013 Ray Vaughn Jeff Sundell

By age 16 Ray was in jail for the eighth time when someone handed him a Bible.

Today Ray Vaughn (on the right with Jeff Sundell)  has a problem . He can’t keep up with the opportunities he has to get into people’s homes and do Discovery Bible Studies. Listen in to learn how Ray connects with people, how he shares the gospel and trains disciples.

Ray has made his discipleship resources available.

If you listen to the podcast you’ll be impressed with Ray’s ministry and his ability to train and mobilize others. He does this full time and is worthy of our support. You can give online through Great Commission Ministries.

UPDATE: I’ve written up Ray’s “near to God or far from God” approach here.

UPDATE: How Ray trains people to share the gospel.


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